Thursday, 17 July 2014

#iwassa advises users of the most important programs for the computer after each formate. know it ?

# Anti-virus protection programs:

"AVAST" program
Use the computer after each program AVAST formate in fact this program is considered an integral and provides optimum protection for free! . You can download it from here: AVAST Free Download

Program "MalwareBytes"
Is also free software used in the detection of malicious software, the program is considered an integral role Maloerbait Ante virus that used it. And you can download it from here MalwareBytes Download

Can not be talking about the protection without the presence of Firewheel in computer prevents hackers from spying on computer and software used here comodo firewall to my faith by his power and the difficulty of protecting exceeded by hackers, you can download it from here comodo firewall download
# System software:

I think at this point would not disagree Vagbanna will be satisfied with the performance of these programs:

Program "WINRAR"
It is very important that resides in a computer file unzip like WINRAR strong and that will help you decompress most extensions

TERA COPY program
Is one of the programs that may be beautiful sometimes used to speed up the transfer of files between the computer and especially Allaisba keys or Almimori card. Where this program works to recruit all computer resources and focus in the copying process, this becomes a backup fast! Download it from here DOWNLOAD  TERA COPY ..

Program "CCLEANER"
CCLEANER of the necessary software on any computer and after Faramth Taatbethh necessary, because it helps you keep your computer clean of impurities and thus the efficiency Mahavdh Windows. / Download  CCLEANER

# Online programs:

Google Chrome program
Google Chrome: Although I am not satisfied with the performance of Google Chrome in the latest version but the addiction, is difficult to fight for this, this program is the first program I do Ptbethh immediately Taatbeth order! Download Google Chrome Download

 Firefox program:
 do not use it much, but should be Taatbuth for me and that I might need to use some scripts / add-ons may not work on Google Chrome for this it is necessary that exists in the Firefox browser as well as a computer. FireFox download

Use also in contact with friends and colleagues Skype think everybody knows this program and no need to download Skype explained SKYPE DOWNLOAD

Program "VIBER"
Programs, which issued recently on Windows, this program is very well known for the users of smart phones is a program similar to Biskaab but it allows you to connect the phone numbers and not the names of the users as Skype. All my friends who are in contact on the phone and have the program ڤeiber it can contact them for free to your phone from a computer through this program.  VIBER DOWNLOAD

Program "Mozilla Thunderbird "
  Use this program in order to browse my e-mails in more than a service, allowing you to this program that looked at all the electronic messages through POP and SMTP ... also can identify these Aserڤrat automatically just by writing e-mail address.DOWNLOAD Mozilla Thunderbird

"  EAGLE GET" program
Programs that discovered this year has already've explained to her, the program is more remarkable will make you forget a program called internet download manager is very fast in loading of the Internet, as it helps you to download, files Alڤedio as well as from the Internet, you can get closer than this CERP through this Episode: Episode 794: Download files ASAP with a competitor Eagleget, IDM

  "ΜTorrent" program
Needless definition of favorite programs that Stamlha download torrent. Download μTorrent

#Multimedia programs

  Program KMPLAYER
Programs beloved by Atbutha after all Faramth computer, it holds all the extensions will not worry about any edio download from the Internet because the program Qakon able to identify him. KMPLAYER download

  Program "WinX HD" Video Converter
Beautiful program also sometimes used in converting clips Alڤedio to other extensions, but it is not free, you can learn more about the program through this post get a free copy of the legal conversion program Aledio WinX HD Video Converter WinX HD Video Converter

This was the most important programs that Atbutha after all Faramth computer

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