Thursday, 17 July 2014

How involved with the Internet Computer Alandroed device via cable USB?

Many know the so-called Tethering, which is in the post Internet phone or your tablet with other devices by creating a focal point for wireless, but the topic of the day we will look to reverse the process Reverse Tethering where we will share Internet Computer with Android device via cable USB, and reflected the positives of this process in post online without having to be a computer by WiFi Adapter and without the need for 3G or WiFi on your phone.
What you need is: a computer connected to the Internet (whether 3G or Adsl) + phone or tablet device running Android and its powers of your root cable + USB + some Barameh that we will put a link at the bottom loaded.
Do USB Debugging on your phone: Settings> More> Developer options> USB Debugging

After downloading the file and unzip files, we find the following:

We take the file and we HackConnectivityService his inauguration on the phone and then activated by Xposed

We are now open AndroidTool who already Hmlnah on the computer and pressing Connect:

The application will be downloaded automatically USB Tunnel on the phone and who will ask the powers of your root.

Wait a bit:

Then will be connected to a phone connection as the pictures show:

#iwassa  ;) )

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