Sunday, 20 July 2014

How do you clean your browser cache temporary automatically before the page loads in the browser Google Chrome

Of the most important features of browsers what is known as Bal cache or cache, for example, if you enter a code "iwassa" will your browser stores some data such as images, CSS, and others, and in order to speed up the display the same page when you enter her again introduced files stored faster than imported from the server server.
But this method poses some problems, particularly to increase the area used in the hard disk if you are browsing the Internet frequently and secondly if the updates are located directly on that page in often will not see.
So I suggest that you add in this post Cache Killer Google Chrome browser to resolve the problem.
After you install the add from the store restart the browser, will allow the added work and when entering any site will be covered by the download page addendum to clean the cache and it will download the page from the server and not the original files from the cache.

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