Monday, 21 July 2014

Google launches "Project Zero" to detect vulnerabilities on the Internet

Google announced the launch of "Project Zero", which aims to stop the most dangerous cyber attacks, on the Internet, which would put an end to pirate attacks increased steadily.
The Google through her ​​blog competent information security that it has established a team of engineers in charge of cyber security by reducing vulnerabilities on the Internet, any of those flaws or gaps in the software and services that have not yet discovered the pirates.
And looking engineers Google for those flaws in programs and websites used by the greatest number of people, or in software standards commonly used in many locations, such as "Hartbled", with the aim of identifying and filling security holes wide to prevent hackers from exploiting the data theft.
He specializes in information security at Google, "Chris Evans" through his own blog that after finding team "Project Zero," a gap or defect is, will immediately notify the company or organization affected, which in turn would make repair, and then you Google on the other hand posted through a special web site is open to everyone, as users can fix their systems themselves.

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