Tuesday, 22 July 2014

GoodBarber company launches the third version of the tool create smart phone applications without programming

GoodBarber company launched the third version of the tool to create applications that run smartphones Regular iMac Android OS, which does not need any programming experience.
The tool provides an integrated platform for users to create applications with fantastic designs in line with the taste of the user. This tool also enables the user to employ his expertise in the establishment of its application, it provides new methods for users to create their projects.
Said Jerome Granados, director of marketing company: The company was among the first who entered the market and the creation of applications that since 2009, the company has experience in meeting the needs of the user application on the establishment of the original native. Since each user has a content wants to be integrated into the application and it provides the company through his GoodBarbe3 several ways of how to integrate content in the application correctly and very easy. GoodBarber3 helps the users to employ their expertise is properly optimized for the application of integrated and gorgeous.
And focusing the third version of the tool on the design concept, where it starts to build the application by selecting the appropriate design of the content that the user wants to add it, as the tool provides more than 100 template ready for my determination, including the right to choose, also supports these templates IPad devices also.
Can CMS content management system available in the tool user to create an application with several different types of content, the company has developed this system to a comprehensive set of tools enables the user to publish articles, videos, photos and audio files also managed to organize navigation between the different sections.
It is worth mentioning that the process of application programming smart devices are no longer limited to the development tools available from companies such as Apple or Android, where it has been possible help of some programming languages ​​and web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript to complete this process.

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