Thursday, 3 July 2014

Facebook is facing an investigation into Britain on a study on emotions

Check regulatory body in Britain as if the social networking site Facebook has violated the Data Protection Act when it conducted a study on the psychological users without their permission
. Included testing conducted by the site "control" in the course of the news that up to 700,000 user to determine the emotional effects they have suffered. Said the Office of the Information Commissioner that he intends to question Facebook on the study.

But Facebook said it has taken "appropriate measures to protect the data of persons."

In a statement to Richard Allen of Facebook "We are ready to gladly answer any questions posed by investigators."

The newspaper quoted Vanninchel Times Office Information Commissioner as saying that he would contact those responsible for the data protection law in Ireland on the issue.

The study was carried out in collaboration with Cornell University, and the University of California in San Francisco on the 689.000 of Facebook users over a week in 2012.

According to a report on the study, the "controlled experiment in the extent to which people are exposed to the effects of emotional over news from them."

The study found that people who are exposed to less negative topics in the news, they are less likely to write negative reviews, and vice versa.

The motivation behind the research is to find out if "exposure to emotions lead people to change their behavior in writing notes on Facebook."

But the search has been criticized because of Facebook users were unaware of their participation in it.

He called Jim Hiridn, a member of the House of Commons for the British Labour Party, and a member of the Committee on Information Council, to investigate the matter.
"Improving our operations."

He defended Facebook - for his part - for the study, saying he did not "there was no need to collect data of people."

"There is no substance used relevant to any person account on Facebook," according to what was said by the huge social networking site at the time.

The Allen said Tuesday, "It is clear that people are angry because of the study, we will take responsibility for this."

"We want to improve our work in the future, and improve our already building on the reactions."

On the other hand acknowledged Adam Kramer of Facebook - which is one of the authors of the report, which was published about the study - that the company did not "remember clearly motivated research."

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