Saturday, 19 July 2014

Enrich your culture with the geographical Smarty pins

  You are a fan of traveling to multiple locations across the world!, Or you just wish to develop geographic acquaintances! But you do not have a strong memory to remember all the places!
Starting from now, will not return to the problem persists you have, we Nqtherh you game Smarty Pins, which will enable you to enrich your culture and geographical enjoy at the same time., And is a game developed by Google and is somewhat mimic game Geoguessr but different style.
The idea of ​​the game is simple and easy and educational as well, as it is thrown you a set of questions in the general culture have her answer is a certain place the map. Will start quizzed simple and gas to reach the stages more difficult and require more intelligent.

The closer the location of the crossing on the map whenever the answer has gained more points, but we must be careful because every kilometer away from your goal may lead you to lose your points.
  So for all lovers of geography and challenge you to discover the game of It is also available in the Appstore and the Google Play

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