Friday, 18 July 2014

Create mobile applications on the iPhone and Android easily with GoodBarber 3

After growing demand on the theme of creating applications Android and iPhone without having to learn programming, especially with the creation of applications on the platform iPhone I love this post to highlight the company GoodBarber which issued a new version of the generator applications own and which enable its users to create applications individually without the need to the developer or to the experience in the field of programming, also allows them the opportunity to discover the art of the establishment of best practices.
GoodBarber is a generator of new features and applications where there is a great platform to create applications integrated with fantastic designs in line with the taste of the user.

#It all starts with the design:
Contrary to the old ways, begin the process of creating an application through the application of GoodBarber great attention to design, to the extent of its importance. The design is the cornerstone of the application as it is the thing that will attract more users to your application whenever the design is beautiful and sophisticated whenever there was a highly demanded it, so the application is available on the GoodBarber hundreds of templates in line with the taste of every designer.

Application GoodBarber more in line with all the scripts CMS
Company GoodBarberwas smart with regard to this point, it supports most of the sites that rely magazines known (such as Joomla, WordPress) where enough that you type your URL will take the application to generate multiple forms of content with a great support to publish articles, videos, photos and Eladio You can organize browsing between the different sections.

#Create Start your application now:
The first step: Join and add content
First, after a generator applications GoodBarber platform enter the name of the application and e-mail address is password and click on the Create an application. Then will go to a new page consisting of 4 steps just to create your own application. Where you must first click on Add your content in order to add content. The content can be either a music or content of your site, your page on Facebook ... insisted .........

Step Two: choose a suitable design for your application.
In this step you will be able to choose and customize the template you have chosen for your application either by colors or shapes as well as columns and Home.

The third step: export application
In this step, you must choose between Android or iPhone, Fill all the data required of you in order to be
successful export process.

What distinguishes GoodBarber
 it when the application creates a Baalamth maintains his own. You can also use the generator applications from a normal user or by the merchants. Once the application is ready to be on the Internet, it becomes
GoodBarber the perfect tool for marketing. It is also the best solution and a way the most popular media to reach users.

#iwassa  :) 

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