Sunday, 20 July 2014

Company "Microsoft" delete user data from search engine

After the decision issued by the Court of Justice of European, which provides for the right of every Internet user to delete all search results and links pointing to the threads of his own went the Microsoft approach Google, not optional, but an application of what was brought by the legal text, which has developed a form made ​​available to users Internet who wish to delete their information from the search engine Bing.

And has issued a decision after this one offers Internet users the Spanish nationality of the request to delete the information on the debt due to him in 1998 and that still appear in the search results.

And Google has said that after the issuance of the form late May, reached during the one-day equivalent to 12,000 request to delete, and this number increased to nearly 70,000 request ماي 29 and June 30 of 2014.

And this remains the right to oblivion as it is called, and a means for many users for improving their image on the Internet and is a right enjoyed by all citizens now Arubans.

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