Saturday, 12 July 2014

Company "Google" launches a new update to the application panel keys official "Google Keyboard"

Google launched today a new update for the application panel keys official Google Keyboard. The new update brings the possibility of introducing smiles (Alaamuja symbols) are operative in the event of writing using voice. Currently supported are the symbols "Smiley face" of the :-) symbol and "Sad face" for :-( and "tongue face" for:-P. Though the source code of the application appear to support a wide range of terms used to enter other symbols, but symbols listed are currently only effective, it seems that activation of the rest will be coming to refresh.
The update support for new languages ​​are Hindi and English Basque and Galician Swiss, Italian, and Spanish (Latin America). As has been the subject of changing the audio input icon at the top to show only in applications that do not support voice input feature by default.

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