Saturday, 19 July 2014

Company "Amazon" Launches Subscriptions "Kindle Unlimite"

Company launched "Amazon" officially Friday service subscriptions "Kindle Unlimited" Kindle Unlimite that allows subscribers to read hundreds of thousands of e-books and listen to thousands of audio books versus $ 9.99 per month.
The service allows "Kindle Unlimited" new subscribers to the metaphor of the more than 600,000 e-book and about 2,000 audio book with a free subscription duration of 3 months, bringing the number of audio books to 150,000.
Subscribers can service read or listen to books on any of the devices "Kindle" of the company or through the application of the "Kindle" which is available for mobile devices operating systems "Android" and "iOS", and "Windows Phone", and "Blackberry" , in addition to computers "Windows" and "Mac".
The company is seeking "Amazon" through the new service to compete with similar services, such as Oyster "Oyster, and" Scribd "Scribd which provide 500,000 and 400,000 book, respectively, compared to 9.95 or 8.99 dollars a month.
The company "Amazon" has been active during the last term in the launch of several new products and services, including service to broadcast music, in addition to the new devices, such as platform television "Fire T in" Fire TV, and telephone three-dimensional "Fire" .

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