Friday, 25 July 2014

Caption: view transcript of YouTube videos.

YouTube users can use the tool transcript to see all that is said in the videos with captions. The tip is useful for those who want to watch videos in other languages ​​automatically translated. Furthermore, the functionality is an important tool of accessibility and closed captioning. However, please note that, unfortunately, not all videos have this tool. Transcription only works on content that have automatic captions.

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To learn how to use this function and display the audio transcript of the videos, follow the tutorial below:

. Step 1 Click the location below to open a tool for transcribing YouTube videos;

Step 2. Done, the full transcript of the video is at your disposal. The tool lets you monitor everything that is being said in the video - per sentence and per minute - or click on one of the phrases to jump the display to the exact moment when those words are said in the recording.

The videos without automatic transcription will have on your toolbar the highlighted icon.


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