Monday, 14 July 2014

British company develops an emerging tool captures images of ideas "

British company has produced an emerging application control allows Google smart glasses, through brainwaves.
And allows the application that works together with a special tool is installed above the head detect brainwaves, and capture photographs without moving a single muscle.
The company said "Zs Place," which is based in the London-based, that there are several uses for this technology, as it can be used in those cases is not possible to use a hand to take pictures, such as surgical operations, also can use the device to measure whether a particular part of the brain shows more effective than others.
Donned glasses and watched a white line in the screen located on the far right, and go up the line the greater the user's focus until it reaches the top of the screen, and then the image is captured, it would repeat the process to send the image to the way social networking they want.
At the time the company provided technical, which was launched under the name "Mind R de R" for free to developers who wish to develop, it was confirmed that Google has nothing to do with it, saying it is not supported in any way.
A spokeswoman for the company said that "Google Glass" can not read the thoughts, does not recommend using the new application, they also did not test it, so you can not get it through the official App Store.

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