Friday, 25 July 2014

Brazilians lead the ranking of hours spent on social networking sites, says study .

The Brazilians are the ones who spend more time online on social networks, totaling 13.8 hours per month. The data were collected by Survey Monkey in partnership with the Social @ Ogilvy. According to the study, the Russians are in second place with 10.8 hours per month, and the Argentines are in third with 10.2 hours. The Brazilians are also among the most share content on social networks (71% of Internet users in the networks), only behind China (80%) and Hong Kong (73%). 

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The survey was conducted with 6500 internet users from 16 countries. Japan, United States and Germany were the lantern, and are the least share content, adding 6%, 15% and 21%, respectively. Mexico ties for online behavior with Brazil, with 71% of Internet sharing.

According to the survey, those Brazilians who access networks, 41% share content with the aim of promoted any cause and 21% aim to keep in touch with friends. 

Personality X Contact with friends 

The motives of the shares vary according to the age group of Brazilians: 18% of respondents under 40 believe that the contents posted on your timeline reflect their personalities. For people with more than 40 years this rate drops to 5%. As for 34% of users with older replicate content helps maintain contact with people in the social network, while only 15% of Internet users under this age group act for this purpose. 
In the younger respondents, 28% feel more creative and 55% of those who reached the age of 40 believe feel more useful to share a topic with your followers.

Fun X Information 
According to the survey, 40% of Brazilians between 18 and 29 years post most entertaining content, while 59% of those with 40 years or more preferred share more informative subjects. 

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Ads on social networks .

Regarding the quality of the ads and content of social networks, 37% of Brazilians consider excellent or very good, while in the other countries surveyed, the average drops to 23%. 
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A third of respondents, among them Indonesia (53%), followed by Russia (51%), Singapore (46%), Brazil (43%) and Turkey (40%), also asserted follow brands to learn more about products, offers and news. Four out of ten respondents say they are open to advertising (41%) online. This ranking is led by Mexico (55%), followed by Poland (51%), China (52%), Singapore (48%), Brazil and South Africa (46% each) and Indonesia (45%).
The study found reports of surfers from Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, France, England, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, United States and South Africa.

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