Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Are cruise lines make up the future for a secure password?

Because more people are using smartphones or tablets / Tablets to pay the bills or to complete acquisitions and store personal information, so the need for a strong password has become more important than ever.

Showed Rutgers University that the composition forms a streamlined (free-form gestures) using the fingers of the hand across the screen smartphone or tablet / Tablets can be used to open the smart phone and secure access to applications. These forms compared with passwords written traditional or modern (by linking points) are the least likely of discovery and re-composition Palmttaflin who spy on the user in order to get the illegal use of these devices.

Says Jan Lindqvist person of the supervisors of the project and an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering that has everything you need to steal a password to be appointed smart owner

Lindqvist is believed that this is the first study to explore the shapes flow (free-form gestures) as the word of the passage. Researchers have published their findings in June as part of the Proceedings of MobiSys '14, an international conference on mobile computing.

  In the development of solution security for this problem, he studied Lindqvist and other researchers from Rutgers University and collaborators from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, including Ante Aolasverta and the University of Helsinki, the feasibility of using shapes flow (free-form gestures) in order to use the security and authentication. And with that of the formation of any form available in any size and in any place on the screen, this streamlined shapes (gestures) has excellent scalability as the word of the passage.

  And because users are allowed to configure the forms are not on a template, the researchers expected that these forms cruise will increase the complexity of the network of more than connect the dots

  Lindqvist says: "You can create any shape, using any number of fingers, and on any size or in any location on the screen." "We have seen that this option in the security protection was missing clearly in the scientific literature, as well as in practice, so we decided to test its potential."

  To do this, the researchers used a model for experiments where they asked 63 participants to establish a form of their own as the word of the passage, has been recognized by the device, and even after a re-trial after 10 days. Shapes have been identified through the recognition system, which was designed by the team.

Showed their analysis of positive results where they can rely on these different forms as the word of the passage safer to put these results in practice, researchers Rutgers have seven students of engineering and computer science are well versed and have experience in dealing with touchscreens, in another attempt of them to steal and imitate these forms Using different parasitism.

But these attempts failed, and did not succeed any person involved in this experiment that remodels these forms again with sufficient precision. And that while these tests are only in the early stages, but the idea of this show its strength against attacks illegal.
While coping with this new technology is not clear so far, the research team plans to continue to analyze the safety of this new technology in the future.

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