Monday, 21 July 2014

"Apple" and "IBM" HOLD agreement on personal assistant "Siri"

Both the Apple and IBM recently announced a partnership agreement that will help Apple sell more than the iPhone and Ouhaat iPad for companies and institutions, but according to a recent report, it is like this deal that have benefits also for Apple and perhaps her assistant personal virtual Siri , was contained in the report issued by the site Venture Beat that he can virtual personal assistant Siri to get more intelligence, thanks to a deal IBM.

According to the report, it can be the virtual personal assistant Siri to cooperate with the artificial intelligence of IBM and known as IBM Watson, and that's what about it that will benefit all companies, can make Siri more useful than it is currently. In case if this matter, it would give the virtual personal assistant Siri preference to virtual personal assistants available on other operating platforms.

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