Friday, 18 July 2014

Alternative Google Chrome browser for Android devices

Javelin Browser
Depends a lot of Android users on the Google Chrome browser, thanks to his speed and features offered. But despite the positives that are available in this browser, but it consumes a large part of the memory device.
So users can experience the free browser Javelin Browser, which offers a lot of features that make it much better than the browsers that are available for this system.
It features a browser very quickly, as well as hide the ads from appearing automatically and without the need to adjust any option. In addition, when you press any link icon appears to indicate the progress of the download this link, where these items are not moving to the new page only after the completion of a fully downloadable.

The browser also provides the status of reading, which allows the user to focus on text-only and ignore the pictures. Finally, you can buy the full version of the application, which provides an internal VPN and proxy to bypass the blocking of websites.

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