Friday, 25 July 2014

Agency "DARPA" is developing a chip has the ability to restore memories temporary

The Research Projects Agency sophisticated defense of the Pentagon's "DARPA" developed a chip has the ability to restore memories Ktzkr temporary road and so forth, through the restoration of its active memory "RAM". 

Where the agency developed a wireless device nervous implantable aims to bridge the gaps that interfere with memory functions and affect the effectiveness of the restored, and that by targeting areas of very simple but poignant of memory function, and then understanding the neural circuits core that is involved in memory formation, and then will be the development of new computational models allow doctors to intervene neural circuits to sense and interpret the signals between these departments "devices able to interact with the brain," and then the scientists will encode these devices, to be able to send nerve signals to the neural circuits to restore their effectiveness. 

This has shown positive results of these processes with laboratory mice, and is expected to take the process of confirming the effectiveness of this process in humans about four years.

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