Thursday, 17 July 2014

Add to read and modify PDF documents in Google Chrome.

Does not need the user to add or install any program to open PDF documents within the browser Google Chrome, the browser, since it has the addition of a built-to read this type of document.
But the user may need a way to write notes and the amendment to such documents which what can be done when you install add Notable PDF for Google Chrome.
After you install added Aikontha is added after the address bar, and once you click on them for the first time a user creates a free account can also be used Dropbox account or Google DraaŚ¤ with the ability to read documents stored Sahabia in these services.
Finally, you can choose any document of the device to be opened and display tools amendment to the right of the screen, and after the completion can share and store the new document with ease.

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