Thursday, 3 July 2014

3 of the most fascinating mysteries and secrets and Atsab

3 of the most fascinating mysteries and secrets and Atsab

Instant Messaging application has the famous Atsab with great interest by users and developers alike, so for its ease of communication and advanced features for messaging between friends. Available and a lot of applications that complement the work of the application and expansion of the scope of its use, we will shed light on the day 3 of features and subtleties that are important to the user:

Hide "last appearance" in Atsab

Atsab shows the application and the time of the last appearance of you at the bottom, allowing the conversation to friends know last time I was present in the application. Perhaps this feature is useful in some cases, but it causes problems in most of the time, especially if you want to stop the conversation or hide yourself from others. It has become possible now with the latest version of the application and Atsab Hide last appearance of the user formally, so just go over to Settings> Account> Privacy> last appearance.

Protection and Atsab password

The user usually talks a certain nature and sensitivity of certain not wish anyone else found, and in the time it does not provide the application and Atsab currently no tool or a way to protect the talks with a password, there are many other applications that perform this role very effectively, and we have chosen you best It is the application WhatsApp Lock, which gives the user a mechanism to set a password to login to the Atsab.

Download Alwatsab on your PC

Yes, it is only possible to download the currently popular messaging application and Atsab on desktops or laptops and talks with friends, all you need is to download a program to simulate on a computer. In fact, many simulation programs, but the best from our point of view is Bluestacks.

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